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How to book with Vanguard Helipad

Please contact our team

  • Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00
  • Tel: 020 7515 6000 Fax: 020 7515 6600
  • Outside these hours call Dean Richmond on 07958 174941
  • Email:

Please note that a minimum of 4 hours prior notice must be given. Please let us know immediately if you are aware of any alteration to your arrival times, especially outside normal office hours or on a weekend.

If this is the first time you have used our service, you are required to download and complete the insurance form below. Before booking the HLS this form needs to be returned to us by fax or email, per the contact details above. We also need to receive the documents requested at the foot of page 2 and contact information for billing.

Important information

All operators wishing to use the HLS must first obtain permission to land from the UK CAA. This is because landing at the site is:

  • In a Congested Area (Rule 5(2)(c) of the Rules of the Air 1996);
  • Against the Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying)(Specified Area) Regulations 2005 as it is within the Specified Area;
  • Against the prohibition from landing off the London Heli-lanes at a private site (Rule 5(3)(c)(11)

To obtain the relevant permissions and exemptions potential users should first phone the caa on 01293 573528. Allow several days for the necessary permission to be provided.

Please note that it is the responsibility of operators to comply with any other regulatory requirement currently in force and Vanguard Holdings Limited is not able to do this on your behalf.